1. Ben Lehberger Joins the Dilworth Team

    Posted on 14.01.19 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Recent News & Articles

    Dilworth IP is excited to welcome our newest team member, attorney Benjamin Lehberger, who will be supporting the firm’s electro-mechanical and medical device clients. Ben has fourteen years of experience prosecuting hundreds of patents in a variety of technologies, including aircraft, medical devices, automotive, power generation, computer systems and software, mobile apps, hybrid vehicles, wireless devices, consumer/medical packaging and dispensers, financial services, and business methods. In addition to preparing and prosecuting hundreds of patent and trademark applications, Ben represents both plaintiffs and defendants in patent and trademark disputes and has a successful record in overturning rejections at the Patent Trial and Appeals Board. Prior to his legal career, Ben worked for several years as a helicopter design engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation where he had responsibilities involving the technical aspects of the company’s business acquisitions and provided preliminary designs and technical support for both military and civilian helicopters.

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  2. Dilworth IP Client, LambdaVision, to Launch Technology into Space

    Posted on 05.12.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Recent News & Articles

    Dilworth IP congratulates our client LambdaVision which will have a payload containing one of their experiments launched on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft for delivery to the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory.  Launch time is Wednesday, December 05, 2018 at 1:15 PM (EST).

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  3. Dilworth IP Partner Participates in IP Panel at UNM Law Mixer

    Posted on 25.09.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements

    On Thursday, September 20th, Dilworth IP Partner Dr. Jonathan Schuchardt participated in a panel hosted by the University of New Mexico (UNM) School of Law.  The panel convened to inspire law students to be aware of intellectual property and to give them a chance to ask experienced IP attorneys questions about what it’s like to have an IP practice.  Panelists shared their various career paths, and Schuchardt explained the technical background required for becoming a patent attorney.  Jon surprised many when he announced that he had learned more chemistry as a patent attorney than he could have learned had he continued on his original career path in chemical research.

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  4. Dilworth IP Invests in the Future: Internship Program Offers IP Experience to Next Generation of Local Scientists

    Posted on 28.08.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, News and Events, Recent News & Articles

    Dilworth IP’s Technology Specialist Internship Program has recently received attention from two of Connecticut’s leading academic institutions, Yale University and the University of Connecticut.  These pieces can be found HERE and HERE, respectively.

    Beginning in 2014, the firm’s Technology Specialist Internship Program has been designed to provide Ph.D. level scientists interested in a career in intellectual property law hands-on industry experience.  Since then, nine individuals have participated in the program, gaining a solid foundation in intellectual property law while fortifying Dilworth IP’s technological expertise.  “IP Law is unique in its intimate relationship with the sciences” said Dilworth IP Founder & Managing Partner, Michael Dilworth. “In creating the Technology Specialist position, we wanted to be able to offer young scientists experience in a field they may not have immediately considered. In exchange, the firm benefits from their incredible expertise in a variety of new and exciting cutting-edge technologies.”  

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  5. Michael Dilworth Presents Talk to Yale’s Tsai CITY

    Posted on 19.06.18 Thomas Pia, on Recent News & Articles

    Michael Dilworth, Managing Partner at Dilworth IP, presented a talk on Intellectual Property basics for the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (CITY) on Wednesday June 13th.  Tsai CITY is a creative hub of Yale University that unites students, faculty and alumni across disciplines in order to cultivate innovation. The mission of Michael’s talk was to introduce aspiring entrepreneurs to the various nuances involved in protecting their technology. “I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation that we were able to have,” Michael said of the event, “and am grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist the next generation of innovators in their mission to change the world.”

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  6. Dilworth IP to Host First Counsel to Counsel Webinar

    Posted on 08.06.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Webinar

    Dilworth IP will host its first Counsel to Counsel™ webinar panel on June 28th at 1:00 PM (EDT). In this series, in-house IP counsel members will be invited to share their insights and best practices. Michael Dilworth, Founder of Dilworth IP, will moderate this inaugural event, and will be joined by Catherine Toppin, Senior Patent Counsel & Manager at General Electric, David Joyal, VP Legal, Patents at Coty Inc., and George Romanik, former Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property for LANXESS Solutions US Inc.

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  7. Dilworth IP Runs in Support of the Hole in the Wall Gang

    Posted on 16.05.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, News and Events

    The Dilworth IP Team is very excited to support the Hole in the Wall Gang, a charitable organization founded by Paul Newman in 1988 which runs camps and various other programs across the Northeast for seriously ill children and their families to enjoy free of charge. On June 2nd, team members Michael Dilworth, Guinevere Ngau, Bill Reid, Theresa Reid and Thomas Pia will be running in a 5K race on behalf of Dilworth IP to raise money for the charity. “We are all very enthusiastic about supporting this cause,” said Michael Dilworth, Dilworth IP’s Founding Partner, “when children need serious medical attention, it is obviously so important that everything is done to provide that attention to them. Our instinct to help in that way is a good thing, but we also need to make sure that their whole childhood is not completely consumed by their illness. I am very moved by the idea of giving every kid—regardless of their illness—an opportunity to experience the joys of chi

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  8. Dilworth IP Partner Presents at the 34th Annual JPPCLE Seminar

    Posted on 03.05.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements

    Frederick Spaeth, Partner at Dilworth IP, was invited to speak at the 34th Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar which will took place at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York on Wednesday, May 2nd. The annual event is hosted by the Joint Patent Practice Continuing Legal Education (JPPCLE), as a one-day seminar of featured speakers who offer comprehensive presentations on various recent developments in patent law; including case law, legislation, and various regulations. Among the featured speakers this year will be the Honorable Pauline Newman of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, who will serve as the Keynote Speaker.  Fred’s talk, which was entitled “Written Description, Enablement Compliance for Antibody Claims – Evidence from Before and After Priority Date,” focused on the 2017 federal circuit decision Amgen v. Sanofi.

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  9. Upcoming Free Webinar: Just What is the Federal Circuit Thinking?

    Posted on 16.04.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Patent Related Court Rulings, Webinar

    Dr. Anthony Sabatelli & David Puleo will be presenting a free webinar on Thursday, April 19th at 1:00 PM (ET) for Dilworth IP, entitled, “Just What is the Federal Circuit Thinking? A Path Forward Amid Subject Matter Eligibility Variability.” Tens of millions spent on product development – how do you protect your company’s technology in an environment where the Federal Circuit redefines patent eligible subject matter on nearly a weekly basis, and where the USPTO’s application of these judgments is just as inconsistent? Is subject matter eligibility no longer a question of law and is it now morphing into a question of fact?

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  10. Matthew Siegal of Dilworth IP Published in The Intellectual Property Strategist

    Posted on 04.04.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Recent News & Articles

    Matthew Siegal, a patent attorney with Dilworth IP’s affiliate firm, Dilworth & Barrese, and Of Counsel to Dilworth IP, recently had an article published in The Intellectual Property Strategist entitled, “Even the Value of the Smallest Salable Unit Must Bes Apportioned.” In the article, Mr. Siegal discusses the Federal Circuit ruling in Finjan, Inc. v. Blue Coat.

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