1. Updates from the USPTO on Subject Matter Eligibility

    Posted on 15.01.18 Shin Hee Lee, on News and Events, Patent Resources, Recent News & Articles

    On January 4th, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office updated their webpage on subject matter eligibility with two new supplementary documents providing further guidance under 35 U.S.C. §101. The two new documents are useful summaries and references for practitioners and others having an interest in the area. The two documents, which are briefly described below are:

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  2. Dilworth IP Presents at the SAPA-CT 4th Annual Conference

    Posted on 12.10.17 Thomas Pia, on Biotech/Pharma, News and Events, Recent News & Articles

    Dr. Anthony Sabatelli and Dr. Jing Zhou of Dilworth IP presented a talk entitled “Pharmaceuticals: At the Intersection of Patent and Regulatory Law” at the SAPA-CT 4th Annual Conference on Saturday, October 7th. The Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA) was founded in 1993 as an independent and nonprofit organization seeking to bridge the U.S. and Chinese pharmaceutical worlds by providing training in drug research and development, creating a broad network, and hosting delegations from China. The theme of this year’s conference was “Adapting to the Changes in Biotech/Pharmaceutical Industry” and was held at the Yale School of Management from 8:00 am to 6:30 PM.

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  3. Upcoming Free Webinar: Strategic Approaches for Drafting NDAs

    Posted on 12.10.17 Thomas Pia, on News and Events, Webinar

    Frederick A. Spaeth, Partner at Dilworth IP, will be hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, November 1st at 1:00 PM (EDT). This installment in the Dilworth IP Webinar Series is entitled Strategic Approaches for Drafting NDAs: A Critical Look at ‘Standard’ Clauses and Current Trends – A 2017 Update, and will focus on providing helpful strategies for properly structuring Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs). NDAs are used everywhere: in business, politics, religious organizations, government, etc. Templates are easy to find, but experienced users will attest that there is no universal ‘standard’ NDA. In practice, an NDA should be tailored to the situation at hand and to meet the needs of the parties involved. Otherwise, the parties may be left with an ill-fitting agreement that doesn’t reveal its flaws until a dispute is brewing. This webinar will take listeners beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ view for a detailed look at how an NDA can and should be structured. The discussion will touch on choosing clauses to insist on and those to let go, on agreement language that goes without saying but should sometimes be said nonetheless, on non-standard clauses for specific situations, and on recognizing when the terms needed in an NDA may be dictated by external factors. The influences of recent laws, such as DTSA (Defense of Trade Secrets Act of 2016), will be discussed as well.

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  4. Senator Orrin Hatch Comments on Patent Reform

    Posted on 09.10.17 David Puleo, on Articles, News and Events, Patent Trends & Activity

    Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Chairman of the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force and Former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, recently wrote an op-ed article on patent reform. Hatch has made significant contributions to the law, including defining generic drug regulation via the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act, or Hatch-Waxman Act, as well as contributing to the America Invents Act (AIA).

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  5. Dilworth IP Announces Strategic Affiliation with Dilworth & Barrese

    Posted on 28.08.17 Thomas DeFelice, on Announcements, Events, News and Events

    Dilworth IP is excited to announce that we have formed a strategic affiliation with fellow intellectual property firm, Dilworth & Barrese.  With this new affiliation both firms will offer their respective current and future clients a broader array of technical and legal expertise. 

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  6. High Court’s SLANT Play Hands REDSKINS and Other Offensive Marks a Victory

    Posted on 26.06.17 Frederick Spaeth, on Articles, News and Events, Trademarks

    Washington Redskins fans have been doing touchdown dances for Tam, because while Tam was pursuing his cause, the Redskins team was trying to move the ball forward on their own appeal from the cancellation of a number of the teams REDSKINS registrations based on the same disparagement clause, on the basis that the mark is disparaging toward Native Americans.

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  7. Michael Dilworth Recognized as a World Leading Patent Professional

    Posted on 06.06.17 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, News and Events

    The Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Patent 1000 has recognized Michael P. Dilworth, Managing Partner of Dilworth IP, as one of the World’s Leading Patent Professionals for 2017. IAM spends a five month period receiving feedback and written submissions from private practice lawyers and clients on the current state of the market in order to come up with a list of potential candidates for this distinction. The individuals on the final listing are determined by the substantial positive feedback received about them from multiple sources. Mr. Dilworth said that it is “an incredible honor to be recognized alongside so many of my notable colleagues who I hold in high esteem, and I consider this distinction to be a testimony to the reputation built by the whole team at Dilworth IP.”

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  8. Frederick Spaeth Presents Talk at IP Law for the Non-IP Lawyer

    Posted on 05.04.17 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, News and Events, Trademarks

    Frederick Spaeth, Partner at Dilworth IP will be presenting a talk at the IP Law for the Non-IP Lawyer conference hosted by the Westchester/Southern Connecticut Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) on Wednesday, April 5th at Withers Bergman in Greenwich, CT. The event will provide in-house counsel attorneys with a basic outline of intellectual property law to help them better understand their company’s IP needs. Fred’s talk will be on Trademarks and Copyrights, and will focus on emerging issues, brand defense and Fair Use.

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  9. Dilworth IP Sponsors 2017 Yale Healthcare Case Competition

    Posted on 24.02.17 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, News and Events

    Dilworth IP is a sponsor of the 2017 Yale Healthcare Case Competition which is being presented by the Jackson Laboratories this Saturday, February 25th in Evans Hall at the Yale School of Business. The competition will present teams of students with a live case in the area of new delivery methods in immunotherapy, which they will have to review, and present recommendations on to a panel of judges. Dilworth IP’s Dr. Anthony Sabatelli will serve on the panel as a judge. More information regarding the event can be found here.

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  10. The CRISPR Patent Battle: The Final Decision, or One Step Closer to a Federal Circuit Showdown?

    Posted on 21.02.17 Nicholas Vincent, on Articles, News and Events, Patent Related Court Rulings

    Last week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Patent and Trademark Appeal Board (PTAB) handed down its decision in the contentious CRISPR patent battle between UC Berkeley and the Broad Institute. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the PTAB ruled that there existed no interference-in-fact between the patents and patent applications held by the Broad Institute and those held by UC Berkeley. In short, the PTAB was looking to whether the Broad Institute claims and the UC Berkeley claims were overlapping and if so, would have determined which party had first made the invention. The PTAB clearly stated there exists no overlap, or interference-in-fact, meaning that each institution will be allowed to license and assert its patents as it wishes, granting a victory to the Broad Institute in what has evolved into an extended, and at times, a bitter CRISPR patent battle.

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