Dilworth IP’s business philosophy is simple. The better we serve our clients, the more likely they will desire our services. These principles guide us:

Be Responsive
Our attorneys understand the daily pressures that an in-house counsel endures. In fact, several of us practiced in house at some of the world’s largest companies. We ease that stress by ensuring that whenever a client calls or e-mails, we will respond within minutes.

Be Flexible
Unlike some law firms, we do not burden clients with our procedures. We do things the way our clients desire, not the other way around. With flexible billing and alternative fee arrangements, we can craft a strategy for securing and protecting intellectual property that complements the client’s business strategy.

Be Honest
Integrity has become a cliché. At Dilworth IP, however, we take being honest seriously. We will do what we promise, and if we cannot for some reason, we will explain why not. Our success depends on relationships. Simply put, we will do our best to earn and maintain your trust.

Deliver Results
Our reputation ultimately depends upon how well we do our job. We strive to deliver a timely, thorough, high-quality work product and achieve the best possible outcome for our client. We judge every application we file, every agreement we write, and every case we argue by this standard.

Focus on Value
Dilworth IP insists that client resources be spent effectively. We tailor strategies to stay current with each client’s needs while respecting budget limitations. Our rational rates help clients achieve outstanding results while maintaining a healthy bottom line.