William R. Reid is an intellectual property attorney with over seventeen years experience serving clients in the areas of chemicals, polymers, catalysts and chemical & refining processes. Prior to joining Dilworth IP, Bill was Senior Counsel at LyondellBasell Industries in Newtown Square, PA, where he provided support to various business units in agreement preparation and negotiation, patent drafting and prosecution, trademark prosecution, and client counseling and education. Bill continues to serve clients in the petrochemical and chemical industries by assisting researchers with capturing important developments in patent applications, teaming up with client personnel to evaluate and form opinions on third party patents, evaluating the patentability of inventions, and keeping his clients current with the evolving patent law and PTO rules.  Bill is a frequent webinar presenter, where he has spoken on such topics as claim construction and patent office expedited procedures. He has also authored many articles for the firm’s blog summarizing new patents in the area of fluid catalytic cracking. Bill has combined his years of industry experience at Exxon and W.R. Grace as well as his technical expertise with a deep understanding of current IP law to create a practical, business-friendly approach to intellectual property related issues facing his clients.


  • Successfully drafted & prosecuted hundreds of patent applications in the areas of gas and liquid phase polymerization processes, polymer applications, catalyst design and preparation, heat transfer, waste liquid processing, reactor component design and solids conveyance
  • Presented several webinars on current, dynamic IP topics such as PTO procedures to hasten prosecution, Trade Secrets, Claim Construction and the America Invents Act.
  • Performed patentability, freedom-to-operate, and infringement analyses for clients in the areas of chemicals, polymers and refining processes
  • Drafted and negotiated secrecy and joint development agreements.
  • Participated in due diligence activities for corporate acquisitions
  • Negotiated settlement agreement with potential competitor of client on trademark/trade secret usage.

Technology Areas

  • Polypropylene & Polyethylene Production Processes, Resins & Catalysts;
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Processes & Catalysts;
  • FCC Catalyst Additives; Polyol Production Processes;
  • Tin-Based Stabilizers and Compositions; PVC Additives;
  • Chemicals & Chemical Intermediates;
  • Oil Well Pipe Coating Processes & Compositions;
  • Petrochemical manufacturing processes such as aromatics recovery, phthalic anhydride production, partial oxidation and hydrofining; and
  • Liquid & Solid separations