You and I have the privilege of sharing this world, with brilliant minds who are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow through innovation.

With the right support, coming from a team that shares their passion, innovators can have the freedom to bring their ideas to the world. At Dilworth IP, we provide that support, working together to turn your vision into reality, to improve the quality of life for all humanity.

A Partner for In-House Counsel

We’ve worked in-house ourselves. We understand the challenges in-house counsel face. Whether it’s budgetary restrictions, tight deadlines, pressure from board members and investors, or maintaining communication between business and legal departments – we get it, a lot is at stake. You’ve dedicated time, money, and energy to realize your vision. We share your commitment to being successful, helping you navigate these challenges every step of the way.

The Origins of Dilworth IP

Michael P. Dilworth, former Chief IP Counsel at Chemtura Corporation, believed in the need for an IP firm that could recognize and respond to the daily pressures faced by in-house counsel.

With this vision, his experience handling complex technologies, and a keen awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual property for a company’s business, Michael launched Dilworth IP in 2007.

Dilworth IP continues to reflect Michael’s vision and values – purposefully helping businesses bring their ideas to the world.

Clients count on the firm to respond quickly to concerns, draft sound patent applications and agreements, and provide legal advice that not only inspires them, but gives them the freedom to innovate, develop, and manufacture with confidence.

The Dilworth IP team values the trust our clients place in us to guide them on their journey to improve life for all humanity.  Our 8 Pillars of Client Support, founded upon Michael’s vision and the needs of our clients, is our promise to maintain that trust.

Dedicated to supporting visionaries in their pursuit of a better tomorrow, Dilworth IP is proud to say – We Patent the Future ®


Let's Patent the FutureTM

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