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You and I have the privilege of sharing this world, with brilliant minds who are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow through innovation.

With the right support, coming from a team that shares their passion, innovators can have the freedom to bring their ideas to the world.

At Dilworth IP, we provide that support, working together to bring your ideas to the world, to improve the quality of life for all humanity.

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Dilworth IP’s 8 Pillars of Client Support

We understand that on-boarding a new firm can be risky and value the trust our clients place in us.  Our 8 Pillars of Client Support is our promise to you to maintain that trust while we guide you on your journey of improving life for all humanity.

Your Counselors 

We are your counselors, committed to providing advice that is in your best interests.


We will be highly responsive, so you know that we have your back.

Results Focused

Results matter and we will always focus on meeting your expectations.

Reasonable Rates 

We will maintain reasonable rates with sensitivity to your budget.


We will treat your business like our own, understanding what you have at stake.

Flexible to Your Needs 

We will work the way you desire, always flexible to your needs.

Valuing Your Time

Time is valuable. We use ours effectively, so we won’t waste yours.

Smooth Onboarding

Onboarding us will be smooth and efficient.

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Our Clients' Experience

Over the course of my 38 years of experience in the chemical industry and as an inventor on 60+ patents, Dilworth IP is the best IP law firm I have ever worked with, and I have worked with some great firms in the past.  They do a great job of putting themselves in the examiner’s shoes and asking the hard questions early on that create success when it counts, during the examination process. Dilworth IP attorneys deliver protection to your new products, excellent claim coverage to help build corporate value, and excellent value in the form of granted patents at the end of the day.  Over the course of Resinate’s past 16 granted patents, they have a 100% success rate, with more of our patent applications in their capable care. I love the results that Dilworth has delivered for Resinate Materials Group and heartily recommend them to you.

Rick Tabor  |  Chief Technology Officer  |  Resinate Materials Group

Since Galata’s formation in 2010, we have partnered with Mike Dilworth and the team at Dilworth IP.  Dilworth IP has provided all aspects of our global legal IP needs from trademark and patent filing and maintenance, technology licenses, patent defense/opposition and IP evaluation and support through multiple M&A transactions.  They are very effective in the management and communication of all ongoing programs.  In addition, their strong technical understanding of chemicals has enabled us to work closely with them in defining Galata’s overall IP strategy.

Joe Salsbury  |  Galata Chemicals  |  Chief Financial Officer

We’ve enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Dilworth IP and value their support and our collaboration together. They are responsive, understand our business, and provide technology law support in addition to quality patent work.  Knowing that we can rely on our outside counsel to protect our technology is essential and Dilworth IP consistently delivers.

George Macdonald | Chief Intellectual Property Counsel | Hubbell

Dilworth IP gave us better visibility of our scope of patents and identified important gaps given our development roadmap.  They are able to understand commercial, competitive, and technical elements of our IP very quickly.  The turnaround time including conceptualization, infringement searches, drafts, and filings has exceeded our most optimistic expectations.  The partners at Dilworth are clearly very experienced and passionate about their work and have become a critical asset to our company.

George Whelen III | President & CEO | Whelen Engineering

While I was General Counsel at Stepan Company, Mike was our principal outside IP counsel. He and his hand-picked team of lawyers did an exceptional job both protecting and advancing the company’s significant IP portfolio. Mike and his team clearly knew the applicable legal principles exceptionally well, but they had an equally exceptional knowledge of the Company’s technologies and business goals, and were able to very effectively use that knowledge to deliver strategic business results for the company. Mike and his team are also highly responsive to clients and are a pleasure to work with. I recommend Mike most highly without reservation.

Ed Wynn | Former General Counsel | Stepan Company

Our Practice

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Patent Drafting & Prosecution
  • US Utility and PCT Patent Applications
  • Design Patent Applications
  • Global Portfolio Management
  • Foreign Filing Licenses
  • Expedited Patent Examination
Trademarks & Trade Dress
  • Availability Searches & Opinions
  • New Trademark Filings
  • Madrid Protocol Filings
  • Affidavits of Use
  • Opposition/Cancellation Proceedings
  • Trademark Renewals
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Unfair Competition and False Advertising
  • Trademark Infringement & Validity Opinions
  • Assignments and Recordations
IP Agreements
  • Licensing
  • Transfers, Mergers, & Acquisitions of Rights
  • Technology Transfer
  • Assignments and Recordations
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Joint Development/Venture Agreements
  • Invalidity Opinions
  • Non-infringement Opinions
  • Patentability Opinions
  • Freedom-to-Operate Opinions
IP Strategy
  • Offensive/Defensive Strategies
  • Transactional Strategies
  • Trade Secrets
  • Global Filing Strategies
Post Grant Proceedings
  • Post-Grant Review
  • Ex Parte Reexaminations
  • Inter Partes Review
  • Patent Reissue
Client Counseling
  • Due Diligence and Portfolio Assessment
  • Invention Mining
  • Inventor Education
  • Cost Reduction Counseling
  • Portfolio Management Counseling
Patent Analytics
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Portfolio Analysis

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