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How to Read a Patent: A Visual Guide for Innovation Stakeholders

When various stakeholders in the innovation process read a patent, they can save time and increase effectiveness by focusing on the parts of the patent that are most relevant to their respective role. This infographic is a great visual guide outlining these different perspectives.

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Basic Patent Law coverBasic Patent Law: A Guide for Inventors, Scientists, and Business Leaders

Protecting your invention is important, and though it may sound painful, in order to do so you will eventually have to talk to a patent attorney or other IP expert. This booklet is designed to help make such a prospect less daunting by providing inventors, scientists and business leaders with a basic understanding  of the patent process.

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MB coverThe Emergent Microbiome: A Revolution for the Life Sciences

Research into the microbiome is revolutionizing the life sciences. These discoveries have the potential to radically improve treatments for dozens of common ailments and greatly improve the quality of life for many who suffer from these conditions. This booklet discusses progress in commercializing this research, reviews new and relevant patents, and explores issues of law and policy in microbiome R&D.

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nanomedicine-coverNanomedicine: A Vast Horizon on a Molecular Landscape

At Dilworth IP, we are always interested in studying the latest developments and trends for new technologies. In this booklet, we focus on the relatively young field of “nanomedicine.” Our goal is to provide a general overview for the scientists, business leaders and patent professional looking to stay current on the state-of-the-art in this important and growing field. The enclosed articles have a specific focus on relevant issued patents, product commercialization, research and development and regulatory policies.

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patents-beyond-basics-coverPatents: Beyond the Basics

Protecting one’s intellectual property can be daunting at times. Navigating through some of the complexities of patent law can seem overwhelming, such as choosing a filing strategy, understanding what impacts the life-cycle of a patent, seeking government grants, and deciding if licensing makes sense.

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EIP coverjpg_Page1Entrepreneur Incentive Program: For Technology-driven Companies

Dilworth IP has a particular focus on servicing early stage companies and our Entrepreneur Incentive Program for start-ups is specifically designed for such technology-driven companies to help them achieve their goals through compensation incentives for legal services.

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