Michael P. Dilworth, former Chief IP Counsel at Chemtura Corporation, founded Dilworth IP in 2007. Michael believed in the need for an IP firm that could recognize and respond to the daily pressures faced by in-house counsel. With this vision, his experience handling complex technologies, and a keen awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual property for a company’s business, Michael launched the firm.

Dilworth IP continues to reflect Michael’s vision and values. We respond quickly to client concerns, draft sound patent applications and agreements, and provide legal advice that inspires our clients to innovate, develop, and manufacture with confidence.

The firm has grown deliberately. Dilworth IP remains small, but we deliver attention and focus to projects that sometimes elude larger firms. We provide in-depth technical and legal analysis and high-quality service to all of our clients, Fortune 500 or otherwise.

Dilworth IP provides valuable intellectual property services to our clients world-wide while paying attention to these principles: be responsive, flexible, and honest; deliver results; and focus on value. To learn more, browse our Philosophy page.