The legal industry has changed.  Delivering an exceptional client experience is an ongoing challenge that requires forward-thinking grounded in sound business practices.  Utilizing over twenty years of experience operating businesses, Tom DeFelice fosters a culture at Dilworth IP that treats clients’ businesses like our own.  As a Certified Legal Manager, trained in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, Tom is focused on creating efficient business systems that allow the team to better serve clients at reasonable rates.  In his role at Dilworth IP, Tom oversees the firm’s day-to-day operations, strategic planning, finances, technology, and marketing, all with an eye toward continuously improving our service to our clients.  Since joining Dilworth IP, the firm has seen continual growth, while gaining industry recognition for exceptional client service. In addition to his leadership at Dilworth IP, Tom has advised and founded several community-based organizations over the years.


  • Designed a centralized paralegal and docketing process with checks and fail-safes to eliminate errors and improve efficiencies resulting in decreasing needed resources while increasing output and revenue.
  • Implemented a modern, mobile, cloud-based technology infrastructure to minimize business disruption, increase employee engagement, and provide for future growth.
  • Initiated and oversaw the design and implementation of a modern and secure network infrastructure.
  • Established a new patent analytics service for clients that provides competitive intelligence and portfolio and technology landscape analysis.
  • Created a timekeeping and billing system to improve communicating clients’ costs, billing accuracy, and turnaround time leading to significantly improved cash flows.
  • Developed and built a firm-wide client development program including attorney coaching, an active intellectual property law blog, and a free webinar series which has attracted over two-thousand participants in a few years.
  • Oversaw the development and implementation of a firm-wide strategic planning initiative including refocusing and fostering the firm’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Established a business analytics function to regularly and proactively assess several firm functions, including financial health and operational efficiencies, to identify internal areas of improvement and to inform strategic business initiatives.
  • Oversaw two separate website builds and rebranding initiatives, including being the primary driver behind a 2019 Hermes Platinum Award winning website.
  • Designed a full suite of employee benefits that manages increased costs while increasing benefits.
  • Designed and implemented a flat fee pricing schedule for routine tasks that streamlines and simplifies client billing.