Dr. Anthony Sabatelli and Dr. Jonathan Schuchardt, both Partners at Dilworth IP, will be presenting at the 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in Boston this Thursday, August 20th.  The theme of this year’s meeting is Innovation: from Discovery to Application and both presentations will be part of the ACS’s Chemistry and the Law (CHAL) Division’s slate of talks.

Effective Invention Disclosures
Jonathan Schuchardt, Ph.D., J.D.

Most scientists and engineers will eventually need to communicate an important discovery to a patent attorney or patent agent for the purpose of drafting a patent application. Why is a high-quality invention disclosure important? Ultimately, the contents of an invention disclosure will have many audiences, and “garbage in, garbage out” applies. By crystallizing results and their value into a single document, a technology expert can convince management that it will be worth the effort and cost to file a patent application. A well-crafted disclosure helps the attorney draft an application that will satisfy a patent examiner and generate a patent that can withstand a post-grant challenge. In this presentation, we’ll reveal elements of winning invention disclosures.

Pharmaceutical Products: At the Intersection of Patent and Regulatory Law
Anthony D. Sabatelli, Ph.D., J.D.

Pharmaceutical products present special challenges for companies and their multidisciplinary teams composed of business managers, scientists, attorneys, regulatory experts, and others. The reason for these challenges is that pharmaceuticals, unlike most other chemical products, sit at the intersection of patent and regulatory law. In this talk I will provide a basic introduction to the applicable patent and regulatory laws, focusing on their interplay over the product life cycle of a pharmaceutical product, from its inception in the lab, through R&D, human clinical testing, marketing, and eventual generic competition. Concepts such as patent term extension (35 USC 156), and the regulatory and market exclusivity periods granted upon approval of a NDA (21 USC 355) will be discussed. An example of a timeline for a pharmaceutical product will be presented to illustrate the fascinating interplay of these concepts and their importance for those multidisciplinary teams needing to make high stakes business decisions.

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