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Jonathan L. Schuchardt provides concise, informed, and timely counseling to business leaders, R&D managers, and research scientists to help them generate and protect IP assets and navigate the often-confusing world of IP matters.  Fluency in organic chemistry, catalysis, and polymer chemistry combined with twenty-eight years of experience in IP law inspire client confidence that Jon speaks their language and will quickly grasp even nuances of their technology.  Jon helps clients devise patent strategies, grow portfolios, and improve their IP processes, whether they are large corporate clients or start-ups. Jon drafts and prosecutes patent applications, prepares freedom-to-practice opinions, and counsels the firm’s clients on various intellectual property issues.  Prior to joining Dilworth IP in 2011, Jon was Senior Counsel at LyondellBasell Industries in Newtown Square, PA, where he supported various business areas with patent application drafting, prosecution, counseling, agreement work, transaction support, and client education. Before transitioning to patent practice, Jon worked for Lyondell’s predecessor ARCO Chemical Company as a research scientist, primarily in the area of polymer synthesis.


  • Prepared, filed, and prosecuted more than 300 patent applications, including more than 30 new patent applications within the past four years
  • Helped a start-up company generate a cost-effective portfolio of about 20 patent families related to value-added products from upcycled waste plastics
  • Devised and implemented a patenting strategy designed to protect a client’s multi-million dollar research effort related to specialty chemicals
  • Performed timely freedom-to-operate studies to enable a client’s business leaders to develop and commercialize products with confidence
  • Built an attractive portfolio of 20 patents within 5 years related to flavors & fragrances that added substantial value to a business purchased for $150 million
  • Created a “road show” of twenty IP topics on aspects of patent law that helped scientists and engineers better understand patentability, how to read a patent, the limits of agreements, the importance of experimental results, and how to communicate with care
  • Demonstrated the persuasive value in the USPTO of computational evidence of patentability for new catalyst compositions; the resulting 15 patents allowed R&D to conserve resources otherwise needed to synthesize and test the catalysts
  • Eased a new group’s concerns about the “minefield” of patents related to metallocenes with frequent counseling, educational seminars, and timely freedom-to-operate opinions. With renewed confidence, scientists invented more and wasted less time analyzing legal issues
  • Sparked a creative scientist on his way to becoming the company’s most prolific inventor by championing efforts to patent process technology for making new copolymers useful in coatings and created a portfolio of 30 patents to protect the new polymers
  • Inventor on 15 issued U.S. patents
  • Consistently obtained the best possible patent protection for inventions by relying on plain English instead of chemical formulae in independent claims
  • As in-house counsel, helped craft and negotiate an average of 60 secrecy agreements per year
  • Wrote the key catalyst patents in a portfolio of more than 100 patents for a business that was later purchased for $2.5 billion; purchaser licensed the technology to all of its major competitors

Technology Areas

Jon's fields of technology include catalysis, polyolefins, polyurethanes, coating resins, unsaturated polyesters, small molecule processes, specialty chemicals, adhesives, and flavor & fragrance compositions.