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Joseph C. Suhadolnik is an experienced patent practitioner and former senior research chemist with a strong background in organic and polymer chemistry, photo chemistry, dyes/pigments, industrial coatings, UV absorbers, energy storage devices, electronic displays, and image preservation. Joe has 10 years of experience as an in-house patent agent at Ciba Specialty Chemicals, BASF, and Chemtura Corporation. He has over 15 years of experience in industrial research and is an inventor on more than 65 issued US patents. As a researcher and patent agent, Joe has worked closely with technology and business directors, academic consultants, chemists involved in basic research, product discovery, testing, product development, and scale-up of plant processes, making him effective in communicating across all functions of an organization involved with innovation and maintenance of an IP portfolio. In recent years, Joe has expanded his practice to include new fields and a variety of mechanical cases. He has drafted and prosecuted patent applications in the US, managed patent prosecution in countries outside the US, and provides his insights on a variety of IP issues.


  • Successfully prosecuted more than 250 US patent applications, and prepared more than 100 new patent applications
  • As in-house agent, managed world-wide patent portfolio for international specialty chemical company with business in both industrial and consumer products
  • Developed and presented materials to educate inventors on patentability issues, understanding patent language, claim construction and validity,
  • Analyzed literature, patent landscapes and individual patent portfolios used in determining freedom-to-operate for new product introduction, evaluation of research proposals, and possible business acquisition
  • Provided technical support and patent analysis for asserting patent claims against infringers, refuting infringement claims from outside parties, and in negotiation of favorable settlements
  • As a research chemist was active in the invention, development and introduction of commercial products sold for stabilization of industrial and automotive coatings, thermoplastics, personal care and household formulations
  • Developed patent strategies for antioxidant, flame retardant, energy storage, image protection and consumer care product lines
  • Developed highly stable UV absorbers for automotive coatings and light stabilizers for colored candle wax that have become standards in their respective industries

Technology Areas

Fields of technology include organic synthesis, polymer stabilization, coating technology, colorants, lubricants, photo-chemistry, free radical chemistry, printing technology, energy storage, and electrochromic materials

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Twisted Intramolecular Charge Transfer States in 2-Aryl-Benzotriazoles: Fluorescence Deactivation via Intramolecular Electron Transfer Rather than Proton Transfer, Maliakal, A.; Lem, G.; Turro, N.J.; Ravichandran, R.; Suhadolnik, J.C.; DeBellis, A. D.; Wood, M, G.; Lau, J., Journal of Physical Chemistry A - J PHYS CHEM A , vol. 106, no. 34, pp. 7680-7689, 2002
  • Unexpected Electronic Effects on Benzotriazole UV Absorber Photostability: Mechanistic Implications Beyond Excited State Proton Transfer, Suhadolnik, J.; DeBellis, A. D.; Hendricks-Guy, C.; Iyengar, R.; Wood, M., Journal of Coatings Technology, 2002, vol. 74, 55.
  • Unexpected Electronic Effects on Benzotriazole UV Absorber Photostability: Mechanistic Implications Beyond Excited State Proton Transfer, Suhadolnik, J.; DeBellis, A. D.; Hendricks-Guy, C.; Iyengar, R.; Wood, M., 222ndAmerican Chemical Society National Meeting Aug. 2000, Washingto DC
  • Pronounced Conformational Preference of the 3’-alpha-Cumyl Substituent in 2-(2’-Methoxy-3’-Cumylphenyl)Benzotriazole, DeBellis, A. D.; Rodebaugh, R.K.; Suhadolnik, J.; Hendricks-Guy, C., Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry (1997) vol. 10, 107
  • Computer Simulations of the Pronounced Conformational Preference of the 3’-Substituents in 2-(2’-Hydroxyphenyl)Benzotriazole UV Absorbers: Correlation wiyj UVA Photopermanence in Coatings, DeBellis, A. D.; Iyengar, R.; Kaprinidis, N. K.; Suhadolnik, J., “Service Life Prediction Methodology and Metrologies” Symposium, ACS Symposium Series 805, 453, American Chemical Society: Washinton DC, 2002; presented Nov., 1999, Montererey, CA.
  • Role of Media Polymer Chemistry on Dye/Polymer Interactions and Light Stabilit of Ink Jet Graphics, Naisby, A.; Suhadolnik, J,; DeBellis, A.; Pennant, D.; Renz, W.Proceedings NIP 18thConference on Digital Printing
  • Photophysics of Polyethylene Terphthalate, Rufus, I.B.; Hoyle, C.E.; Suhadolnik, J.; J.; Hendricks-Guy, C., Polymer Preprint American Chemical Society, Div. Polym. Chem., 1996, 37(1), 695