Dr. Anthony Sabatelli, leader of Dilworth IP’s biotech and pharmaceutical patent practice group, has once again been invited by the USPTO to share his thoughts and insights on the Office’s recently issued 2014 Interim Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility (Interim Eligibility Guidance), a supplement to the patent eligibility Guidance issued earlier in 2014.  Dr. Sabatelli’s presentation will take place this Wednesday, January 21st, between 1pm and 5pm EST at the public eligibility forum held at the USPTO’s Madison Building.  A live internet feed of the forum will be made available by the USPTO.  Further information about the Guidance and the forum can be found at the USPTO’s website found here.

This is the second time Dr. Sabatelli has been asked to present his perspectives on patent eligibility and the Guidance as issued by the USPTO.  On May 9th, 2014, Dr. Sabatelli presented his views on the initial Guidance Memorandum, which has subsequently been revised with this most recent document.  Because of the significance to his clients, he has opined extensively on the development of this document and on the court cases leading to its publication (see, How to Patent Grapefruit Juice: the New USPTO Guidance for Patent Eligible Subject Matter is Both Sticky and Sour and Sequenom – A District Court’s Sequel to the Myriad Decision), including a webinar hosted by Dilworth IP and as moderator of a panel discussion on the Myriad decision at the Yale School of Medicine in March of 2014.  He has penned his initial thoughts on this latest Guidance (see, What is Patent Eligible? Initial Thoughts On The PTO’s Revised Guidance) for consideration.

Dr. Sabatelli will continue to monitor this all-too-important development.  Stay tuned for his reflections on the public forum as a presenter in the coming days, as well as a planned follow-up webinar in February on this continually evolving issue.