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IPWatchdog LIVE 2023

Dilworth IP is excited to announce that trademark attorney Julie Tolek will join the intellectual property conference, IPWatchdog LIVE 2023, as moderator of the breakout session titled “The Infringing Underbelly of AI: Is Resistance Futile?” The conference, hosted by IPWatchdog, will be held September 17-19 in Herndon, VA.

The Green Gloves Come Off in the Trademark Color Wars: Acquired Distinctiveness In re PT Medisafe Technologies

“Doctor, what does ‘green’ mean to you? Environmental sustainability? Envy? Inexperience? How about a particular U.S. brand of medical examination glove??” PT Medisafe Technologies (Indonesia) would like you to answer “Yes!” to that last question, and as a supplier of examination gloves to the medical field, PT Medisafe claims a […]

7 Ways Your IP Counsel Can Help You Execute a Companywide IP Strategy

Obtaining the services of specialized IP counsel is a worthwhile investment in the future of your enterprise. They’d be able to insert themselves into every level of your innovation architecture, ensuring you’re getting the most value out of your asset portfolio. As you develop your company’s IP strategy, your IP counsel can play a central role in effectively laying a solid foundation for growth.

Questions Your IP Counsel Should Ask When Performing Competitive Monitoring & Analysis

Ongoing competitive monitoring seeks to create a dynamic portrait of the overall patent activity within your competitive sphere, while competitive landscape analysis provides a broader view of technology trends and developments. Both efforts work in concert with each other to help you know your competition, mitigate infringement risks, and identify licensing and acquisition opportunities. Crucially, competitive monitoring and landscape analysis help identify the guideposts for your own innovation initiatives.

6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Shore Up Your IP Position

The project of establishing and adopting an enterprise-wide IP strategy is a necessarily long and intricate one. Comprehensive alignment of your overall business strategy with your IP objectives may feel daunting. There are, however, several relatively simple yet deeply effective steps you can take to establish IP as a priority within your company’s culture.