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Category: Announcements

Tim Johnson Joins the Dilworth IP Team

At Dilworth IP, we understand that our clients are driven to innovate and advance technology in order to make life better for all humanity. Our aim is to guide them toward this goa. Knowing that our clients require counsel with a sophisticated understanding of their technology, and an empathy for the pressures they face, we have continued to make additions to our team. Our newest team member, Tim Johnson, who joins the firm as a Partner, has over 15 years of experience working in-house. He has an intimate understanding of the pressures facing his clients, and uses this perspective to create tailored strategies for each of them. Tim has technical expertise in the mechanical arts, fasteners/connectors, material science, injection molded devices, metallurgy, hard coatings, sensors, smart appliances, software, manufacturing processes, laminates, and electro-mechanical and IoT devices.

New Webinar from Dilworth IP: The Missing Trillions: A Conversation on the Value and Risks of Intangible Assets

The world’s five most valuable companies have $4.4 trillion missing from their balance sheets! While their collective value is more than $4.6 trillion, their balance sheets report just $228 billion in tangible assets. The missing 95% of value is in intangible assets – brands, software code, confidential information (including trade secrets), data and client lists.

Dilworth IP Partner Presents at Lawyer-Pilot Bar Association’s Winter 2019 Convention

Dilworth IP’s Benjamin Lehberger recently spoke at the Lawyer-Pilot Bar Association’s Winter 2019 Convention in Cocoa Beach, FL. Ben’s talk, entitled “Where are We Headed in Space? Charting the Industry’s Trajectory Through Patent Filings” showed how the patent landscape for space technology has changed dramatically over time. Despite NASA being the dominant filer for decades, Ben showed that the last 20 years of filings have been led by private firms. He also considered how the latest patents filings, on technologies such as artificial gravity and global internet access, give insight into what’s next in space.