Dr. Anthony D. Sabatelli, Partner and Chair of the Life Sciences group at Dilworth IP, will be presenting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, September 7th at 1:00 PM (EDT). This installment in the Dilworth IP Webinar Series is entitled What is Patent Eligible: The Ever-evolving Section 101 Standard, and will focus on the inconsistencies in how patent subject matter eligibility is interpreted by the USPTO and the courts. Despite the Supreme Court’s articulation of a two-part test for determining such eligibility (i.e. the Mayo/Alice test), it is often not easy to predict how this test will actually be applied by the U.S. Patent Office or the courts. Dr. Sabatelli’s presentation will offer clarity to those dealing with this uncertainty.

This presentation is a must attend for patent practitioners, inventors, business leaders, and others in the life sciences industry seeking perspective and clarity on this ever-evolving standard.  Dr. Sabatelli will discuss:
•    Current interpretations of Section 101
•    Best practice tips for avoiding or overcoming a Section 101 rejection
•    The Supreme Court’s denial of certiorari in the Ariosa v. Sequenom case
•    The important guidance provided by the Federal Circuit in two recent cases:  Rapid Litigation v. CellzDirect and Enfish v. Microsoft.

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anthony-sabatelliDr. Anthony Sabatelli is an experienced patent practitioner and former biotech executive and research scientist, who provides insightful, practical, and business-oriented service to his clients. Although his primary focus is on biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, he has had broad experience across many areas of the chemical field including formulations and polymers. Dr. Sabatelli learned early on in his career that the successful patent practitioner must be an “Exclusivity Attorney” adept at understanding the complex interplay of patent, regulatory, and product life-cycle issues. He is versed in the Hatch-Waxman and regulatory laws relevant to pharmaceutical practice. Having spent most of his career in-house, as both a research scientist and as a patent attorney, Dr. Sabatelli appreciates the needs and perspective of the inventors in the lab and the in-house attorneys who seek to protect those inventions. He listens to his clients to help them create robust, yet practical, portfolios, whether comprising a single patent case or several hundred patents. Above all, he enjoys sharing his passion for his work with his clients and colleagues. Dr. Sabatelli has a strong interest in and commitment to education and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the University of New Haven. He is a Member of the Board of Governors of Yale University and currently serves as Immediate Past-Chairman of the Yale Graduate School Alumni Association.

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