Dr. Anthony Sabatelli, Partner at Dilworth IP, will be joined by Dr. Monica Kolinsky of Grimes & Yvon LLP, to present a free webinar entitled Practical Patent Advice Under the Latest USPTO Subject Matter Guidance on Wednesday, March 25th at 1pm EDT.  Dr. Sabatelli has testified before the USPTO on two occasions, presenting his comments on the Guidance to the Office.

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About the Presentation
On December 16th of last year the US Patent and Trademark Office issued the “2014 Interim Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility” as further guidance to its examining corps for assessing patent eligible subject matter under 35 USC §101. The guidelines were issued in light of what some see as a spate of controversial Supreme Court decisions such as Mayo, Alice Corporation, and others. This webinar will provide practical advice, proposing strategies and offering tips for drafting claims, to patent practitioners writing applications under this latest Guidance.  The presentation will also highlight the implications of the Guidance on patent eligibility to help guide scientists and industry executives in formulating their respective strategies.  Finally, the panelists will speculate a bit as to future iterations of this Guidance in light of the USPTO’s requests for public comments.

About the Panelists
anthony-sabatelliDr. Sabatelli is a registered patent attorney and partner at Dilworth IP where he chairs the firm’s Pharmaceutical and Biotech group. Prior to joining Dilworth, Dr. Sabatelli was Vice President and in-house counsel at Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (now Melinta Therapeutics, Inc.) and a member of their senior leadership team. Dr. Sabatelli held previous patent counsel positions at both Merck and at Procter & Gamble, where he originally began his career as a research chemist. He received his PhD in organic chemistry from Yale University and his JD degree from Salmon P. Chase College of Law. Dr. Sabatelli is an adjunct professor at the University of New Haven and an inventor on over a dozen patents.

Monica Kolinsky headshotMonica Kolinsky, Ph.D. is currently Of Counsel at Grimes & Yvon LLP, a boutique New York CIty law firm that provides patent prosecution, patent counseling, and technology transfer services to clients in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors.  She practices in a wide-range of technology areas including genetic engineering, oncology, recombinant proteins, medical devices, therapeutic antibodies, stem cell technologies, and vaccines.  Before joining Grimes & Yvon LLP, Monica was a Licensing Officer at Medical Research Council Technology in London, UK, where she handled life sciences-based transactions, including drafting and negotiating patent licenses, research collaboration agreements, and consultancy agreements.  She was also formerly an Associate and Technology Specialist in the intellectual property department of WilmerHale in New York.


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