The world’s five most valuable companies have $4.4 trillion missing from their balance sheets! While their collective value is more than $4.6 trillion, their balance sheets report just $228 billion in tangible assets. The missing 95% of value is in intangible assets – brands, software code, confidential information (including trade secrets), data and client lists.

Imagine if the directors and management teams of these five companies chose to only actively manage the 5% of assets recorded on their balance sheets. They would be ignoring the key driver of nearly 95% of corporate value – their intangible assets – and critically failing to fulfil their fiduciary duty to manage all their company’s assets.

While many companies continue to focus their attention almost exclusively on their “low-value” fixed assets, the mood is changing. Today, more sophisticated boards and management teams are proactively identifying and extracting value from their intangible assets; which include their patents, brands, software code, confidential information (including trade secrets), data and client lists.

In this webinar, Dilworth IP’s Managing Partner, Michael Dilworth, and EverEdge Global’s Chairman & CEO, Paul Adams, will discuss how to leverage the extremely valuable assets that already exist within your company. In addition to providing best practices for recognizing and monetizing your intangible assets, Michael and Paul will also provide insight into the ever-increasing risks associated with protecting these assets, and how to navigate them.

If you are in a management position and are interested in maximizing your company’s value or are a  corporate IP leader seeking insight into the value of the assets you manage, this webinar is for you!

This session will cover:

  • What intangible assets are and why they are so valuable
  • How companies can identify and leverage their intangible assets to build and maintain a competitive edge
  • The questions directors and management teams should be asking in relation to their intangible asset positions
  • The key risks associated with intangible assets and how those risks can be mitigated
  • Why traditional valuation methods do not work for intangible assets, and how one can value these critical assets
  • How Directors can ensure that they are fulfilling all of their fiduciary duties to manage all their company assets – not just the ones that appear on the balance sheet

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