Dr. Jonathan Schuchardt of Dilworth IP will be returning to Chicago on April 10th to speak at the 49th annual Corporate Patent Seminar.  Jon will be speaking on the fast evolving and increasingly confusing topic of Obviousness in light of the AIA, the Supreme Court’s KSR decision, the USPTO’s post-KSR guidelines, and several Federal Circuit decisions.  This is Jon’s second presentation at CPS in as many years.

CPS is an ad hoc non-profit association of senior corporate patent professionals dedicated to the effective and healthy exchange of ideas and experiences in the area of intellectual property law and corporate practice. In addition to having a series of talks on topics of interest for in-house IP counsel, CPS meetings include roundtable discussions of best practices. For more details about the Corporate Patent Seminar, visit http://www.corporatepatent.com/2014-index.htm

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