Dilworth IP’s own Dr. Jonathan Schuchardt will be hosting the firm’s first ever webinar this Thursday, March 25th at 1pm Eastern time. The title of the talk is Effective Invention Disclosures and is designed to help scientists, engineers, and business leaders understand elements of winning disclosures that will ultimately result in enforceable patents. The webinar is entirely FREE. There’s still time to register. To do so, please follow this link.

You’ve made an invention.  Now what?  It’s time to write a disclosure that will help the attorney help you protect your idea.  By crystallizing data and results into a simple document, a scientist or engineer can convince management that it will be worth the effort and cost to file a patent application.  However, a poorly crafted disclosure will confuse everyone, including the attorney or agent assigned to draft a patent application.  The resulting application may be poor also, which will alienate a patent examiner.  If you’re lucky, the application will be allowed anyway.  However, your competitors will identify any weaknesses in the granted patent—including the quality of your scientific showings—in the event the patent is subject to post-grant challenges or litigation.


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