William Reid of Dilworth IP will be offering a FREE webinar on Wednesday, December 7th at 1:00 PM (EST). This installment in the Dilworth IP Webinar Series is entitled The IP Manager’s Playbook – Leveraging the Tools of the USPTO to Get Your Patents Granted Faster and Cheaper, and will provide in-house patent attorneys with strategies to get their patents granted faster and cheaper. As an in-house IP attorney, you likely find yourself grappling daily with the delicate task of balancing your company’s IP strategy with its overall business strategy while still meeting the demands on your time and tighter and tighter departmental budgets. Executing on that IP strategy can be challenging, especially getting patents efficiently granted and within budget. Until very recently, you were left with very few other options than an examiner interview or patent appeal in the distant future to execute your patents granted within budget. However, in recent years the USPTO has instituted various procedures to enhance the patent prosecution process to not only speed prosecution, but ensure quality. In this presentation, we’ll save you time by analyzing and distilling down the success rates and overall costs of employing some of these newer tools such as the Enhanced Patent Quality Initiative (EPQI), the After Final Consideration and Pre-Appeal Brief Pilot Programs, and the already established Accelerated Examination programs and Patent Prosecution Highway program designed to expedite prosecution.

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William Reid works with chemical and petrochemical companies in securing their interests through patents, licenses, trade secret protection, and trademarks; and ensures their ability to conduct their operations free of third party interference through careful patentability and freedom-to-operate studies. By applying his 19 years of experience as a practicing chemical engineer with 16 years of legal experience as a patent and trademark attorney, 9 of those as in-house counsel at a multi-national chemical company, Bill adds value to the companies he works with because he speaks the language of the technical professionals and business managers who run chemical and petrochemical companies and brings over 34 years of direct industry experience to the table.

Dilworth IP is an intellectual property and business law firm providing legal services in the areas of patent and trademark prosecution, opinions and agreements in the chemical, biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, material science, consumer products, electronics, software, and semiconductor industries. We’ve been in the lab. Whether your invention is a controlled-release pharmaceutical, a fuel cell, or a new circuit schematic, our attorneys will speak your language and listen well. We’ll quickly grasp nuances of your complex technology and capture the IP protection you deserve. To learn more about the firm, please visit www.dilworthip.com.