Dr. Jonathan L. Schuchardt of Dilworth IP will present a FREE webinar on Wednesday, March 22nd at 1:00 p.m. EST. This installment in the Dilworth IP Webinar Series is entitled “Not so Obvious: How the Federal Circuit is Interpreting Section 103.” Since the US Supreme Court decided KSR v. Teleflex, Section 103 law has continued to evolve as courts struggle to understand the proper role of “common sense,” predictability, “teaching away,” and motivation to combine reference teachings.  Practitioners know all too well about Section 103 rejections that are conclusory and devoid of a rationale for why a combination of references renders a claim obvious.  In recent developments, the CAFC has reversed or remanded cases in which a district court or the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) failed to adequately explain why a skilled person was motivated to combine references.  Is this a mere ripple in the court’s jurisprudence or a welcome wave of change?

Patent practitioners, inventors, business leaders, research directors and others involved in decision making related to patents will benefit from this update on the ever-shifting law of obviousness.  Please join us!

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About the Panelist
Jonathan L. Schuchardt, Ph.D.Dr. Jonathan L. Schuchardt, J.D., helps scientists, engineers, R&D managers, and business leaders understand complex intellectual property matters so they can protect valuable inventions, avoid conflicts, and innovate with confidence.  Fluent in organic chemistry, catalysis, and polymer chemistry, Jon is an expert in devising patent strategies, growing patent portfolios, and improving IP processes.  Jon is a skillful draftsman, communicator, teacher, and advocate.  Since joining Dilworth IP in 2011, Jon has drafted and prosecuted patent applications, prepared freedom-to-practice opinions, and counseled the firm’s clients on a variety of intellectual property issues.  Previously, Jon was Senior Counsel at LyondellBasell Industries in Newtown Square, PA, where he supported various business areas with patent application drafting, prosecution, counseling, agreement work, transaction support, and client education.  Before transitioning to patent practice, Jon worked for Lyondell’s predecessor ARCO Chemical Company as a research chemist, primarily in the area of polymer synthesis.

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