At Dilworth IP, we understand that our clients are driven to innovate in order to make life better for all humanity. Having a guide with a sophisticated understanding of their technology, empathy for the challenges they face, and a clear sense of the journey ahead can be invaluable in helping them achieve their goals. Our newest team member, Tim Johnson, is just such a guide. With over 15 years of experience in-house at Edgewell Personal Care and its predecessor, Energizer, he has a keen understanding of what’s at stake for his clients. Tim is adept at developing tailored IP strategies that further his clients’ goals and help them navigate through an ever-evolving patent landscape. In addition to managing a patent portfolio of over 3,000 global assets, he has successfully managed numerous complex, multi-jurisdictional patent disputes, and has experience negotiating joint-development agreements worth tens-of-millions of dollars in annual sales. Tim has technical expertise in the mechanical arts, specifically fasteners/connectors, material sciences, injection molded devices, metallurgy, hard coatings, sensors, smart appliances, software, manufacturing processes, laminates, and electro-mechanical and IoT devices.

Tim’s in-house experience and technical background is a great addition to the Dilworth IP Team, strengthening our ability to understand and overcome the challenges faced by our clients so that may have the freedom to bring their ideas to the world.

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