Author: Thomas DeFelice

Jessica Miles is the Latest Addition to the Dilworth IP Team

Dilworth IP’s Biotech and Pharmaceutical Practice Group has been joined by Jessica Miles, a Technology Specialist from Yale University’s Office of Cooperative Research (OCR). Ms. Miles is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Microbiology at Yale where her research has focused on identifying genetic mediators of interactions between the microbiome and infectious bacteria. She is also well-versed in biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology, having had over 10 years of research experience in five different academic laboratories. Jessica’s work at OCR involved a variety of technology areas including miRNA therapy, regenerative medicine, and immunotherapy. There, she evaluated early stage research and reviewed prior art to advance intellectual property with commercial potential. She also identified biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for licensing opportunities and composed marketing material to promote technology licensing and research sponsorship.

Dilworth IP Sponsoring the CT Booth at BIO 2015

Michael Dilworth and Dr. Anthony Sabatelli of Dilworth IP will be attending the 2015 BIO National Convention in Philadelphia (BIO 2015) June 15th-19th. They will be joined by several other organizations and businesses from Connecticut’s life science community showcasing the state’s leadership in the biosciences. The Firm is one of several sponsors of the Connecticut Booth along with Yale University, the University of Connecticut, The Jackson Laboratory, the Town of Branford, CT, and CURE (CT United for Research Excellence).

Dr. Alpha-Cobb to Present at UConn Health’s Career Development Workshop Series

Cambria Alpha-Cobb, Ph.D., Technology Specialist at Dilworth IP, is presenting at a Career Development Workshop series at UConn Health this Thursday May 28, 2015, at 1:30 pm. The title of the presentation is How to stay close to science when you get pulled away from the bench: An introduction to a career in IP law.

The workshop series is designed to expose graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to various career opportunities in the life sciences. Dr. Alpha-Cobb will present on her career path in IP law, emphasizing the skill sets required at various stages of her career, including past, current and future positions!

Dilworth IP to Host Patent Basics for Entrepreneurs at Boston CIC

Dilworth IP will be hosting an afternoon seminar on Wednesday, April 29th at 1:30pm at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), 5th Floor 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA. Dr. Anthony Sabatelli and Dr. Cambria Alpha-Cobb will address many common questions about the patent process. The talk will be geared toward inventors and entrepreneurs alike.

Patent Basics for Entrepreneurs: Ever wondered which of your ideas were patentable? What is the first step towards applying for a patent? Why do patents even exist? During this seminar we discuss the flow between inventions and patents, how a patent works, the time line to getting a patent, in addition to highlighting some examples and recent trends from the US patent and trademark office. Following will be a question and answer session to address further questions on basic patent law! Light snacks to ward off the post-lunch slump.

Dr. Alpha-Cobb to Moderate Women in Bio Panel

Cambria Alpha-Cobb, Ph.D., Technology Specialist at Dilworth IP is moderating a panel on April 22nd entitled Non-traditional Careers in Bio presented by Women in Bio of Greater Boston. The event description from the website reads:

Women In Bio is an organization of professionals committed to promoting careers, leadership, and entrepreneurship for women in the life sciences. This event will feature a panel discussion for those interested in learning about opportunities available in the scientific community beyond the traditional academic and industrial roles. The panel will include several speakers who have taken either a non-traditional path to a career in science, or used their background in the life sciences to pursue a career of the non-academic or industry nature. These speakers will represent a variety of fields including but not limited to patent law, consulting, and practicing medicine!

Fred Spaeth to Present at JPP Seminar

Frederick Spaeth, Partner at Dilworth IP, will be presenting at the Joint Patent Practice Seminar at the Marriott Marquis in NYC on May 12th. Fred will be speaking briefly as part of a panel which will discuss the impact on patent law of recent and various Supreme Court decisions. His talk is entitled The Nautilus Decision Defines the Test for Indefiniteness: Nautilus v. Biosig Instruments.

Anthony Sabatelli Testifies Before CT’s Finance Committee

Dr. Anthony Sabatelli, Partner and Chair of Dilworth IP’s Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology group has recently also been named Chair of CURE’s (Connecticut United for Research Excellence) Government Affairs Committee. In that role last week, he testified before the State of Connecticut’s Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee advocating for the continued R&D tax credit for businesses as a “competitive necessity”, especially as it impacts the state’s growing biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Upcoming Webinar: Practical Patent Advice Under the Latest USPTO Subject Matter Guidance

On December 16th of last year the US Patent and Trademark Office issued the “2014 Interim Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility” as further guidance to its examining corps for assessing patent eligible subject matter under 35 USC §101. The guidelines were issued in light of what some see as a spate of controversial Supreme Court decisions such as Mayo, Alice Corporation, and others. This webinar will provide practical advice, proposing strategies and offering tips for drafting claims, to patent practitioners writing applications under this latest Guidance. The presentation will also highlight the implications of the Guidance on patent eligibility to help guide scientists and industry executives in formulating their respective strategies. Finally, the panelists will speculate a bit as to future iterations of this Guidance in light of the USPTO’s requests for public comments.

Dilworth IP’s Dr. Anthony Sabatelli to Spearhead Federal Outreach for CURE

Dr. Anthony Sabatelli, chair of Dilworth IP’s biotech and pharmaceutical patent practice group, has been appointed by CURE (Connecticut United for Research Excellence) to serve on its newly convened government affairs committee. The committee comprises representatives from CURE’s board of directors, the pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors, and the legal community. In this new role, Dr. Sabatelli will spearhead federal outreach initiatives for CURE and will work closely with the government relations firm Rome, Smith & Lutz to assure synergy of action and alignment of state and federal initiatives. “I look forward to working with this committee on issues of importance to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries and to being a voice for our industry here in Connecticut”, says Dr. Sabatelli.