Critical Considerations When Developing Your Brand Protection Strategy: Conducting A Thorough Risk Assessment

A robust brand protection strategy hinges on the critical role of well-executed risk assessments. By looking inward at your brand’s strengths and weaknesses with a thorough SWOT analysis, and looking externally at the competitive landscape, you will gain a well-rounded view of what challenges your brand faces to help ensure its enduring success.

Corporate IP Counsel: Advocate of IP Alignment in the Enterprise – Building Relationships with R&D

A strong relationship between your IP counsel and your technical team goes a long way to building and protecting your company’s intellectual property. By demonstrating their technical expertise, facilitating spontaneous discussions, and finding opportunities to learn and teach, IP counsel can become honorary members of the technical team and drivers of IP awareness throughout the organization.

5 Most Critical Considerations When Developing Your Brand Protection Strategy

When it comes to your company’s most valuable asset – its brand and reputation – a strategic plan of protection must be put into place using the right building blocks. Whether creating a new brand from scratch, rebranding, or building off decades of reputation, these initial five critical considerations will provide you solid footing to begin your brand protection journey.

The Green Gloves Come Off in the Trademark Color Wars: Acquired Distinctiveness In re PT Medisafe Technologies

“Doctor, what does ‘green’ mean to you? Environmental sustainability? Envy? Inexperience? How about a particular U.S. brand of medical examination glove??” PT Medisafe Technologies (Indonesia) would like you to answer “Yes!” to that last question, and as a supplier of examination gloves to the medical field, PT Medisafe claims a […]