1. Dilworth IP to Host First Counsel to Counsel Webinar

    Posted on 08.06.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Webinar

    Dilworth IP will host its first Counsel to Counsel™ webinar panel on June 28th at 1:00 PM (EDT). In this series, in-house IP counsel members will be invited to share their insights and best practices. Michael Dilworth, Founder of Dilworth IP, will moderate this inaugural event, and will be joined by Catherine Toppin, Senior Patent Counsel & Manager at General Electric, David Joyal, VP Legal, Patents at Coty Inc., and George Romanik, former Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property for LANXESS Solutions US Inc.

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  2. Dilworth IP Runs in Support of the Hole in the Wall Gang

    Posted on 16.05.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, News and Events

    The Dilworth IP Team is very excited to support the Hole in the Wall Gang, a charitable organization founded by Paul Newman in 1988 which runs camps and various other programs across the Northeast for seriously ill children and their families to enjoy free of charge. On June 2nd, team members Michael Dilworth, Guinevere Ngau, Bill Reid, Theresa Reid and Thomas Pia will be running in a 5K race on behalf of Dilworth IP to raise money for the charity. “We are all very enthusiastic about supporting this cause,” said Michael Dilworth, Dilworth IP’s Founding Partner, “when children need serious medical attention, it is obviously so important that everything is done to provide that attention to them. Our instinct to help in that way is a good thing, but we also need to make sure that their whole childhood is not completely consumed by their illness. I am very moved by the idea of giving every kid—regardless of their illness—an opportunity to experience the joys of chi

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  3. Dilworth IP Partner Presents at the 34th Annual JPPCLE Seminar

    Posted on 03.05.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements

    Frederick Spaeth, Partner at Dilworth IP, was invited to speak at the 34th Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar which will took place at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York on Wednesday, May 2nd. The annual event is hosted by the Joint Patent Practice Continuing Legal Education (JPPCLE), as a one-day seminar of featured speakers who offer comprehensive presentations on various recent developments in patent law; including case law, legislation, and various regulations. Among the featured speakers this year will be the Honorable Pauline Newman of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, who will serve as the Keynote Speaker.  Fred’s talk, which was entitled “Written Description, Enablement Compliance for Antibody Claims – Evidence from Before and After Priority Date,” focused on the 2017 federal circuit decision Amgen v. Sanofi.

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  4. Upcoming Free Webinar: Just What is the Federal Circuit Thinking?

    Posted on 16.04.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Patent Related Court Rulings, Webinar

    Dr. Anthony Sabatelli & David Puleo will be presenting a free webinar on Thursday, April 19th at 1:00 PM (ET) for Dilworth IP, entitled, “Just What is the Federal Circuit Thinking? A Path Forward Amid Subject Matter Eligibility Variability.” Tens of millions spent on product development – how do you protect your company’s technology in an environment where the Federal Circuit redefines patent eligible subject matter on nearly a weekly basis, and where the USPTO’s application of these judgments is just as inconsistent? Is subject matter eligibility no longer a question of law and is it now morphing into a question of fact?

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  5. Matthew Siegal of Dilworth IP Published in The Intellectual Property Strategist

    Posted on 04.04.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Recent News & Articles

    Matthew Siegal, a patent attorney with Dilworth IP’s affiliate firm, Dilworth & Barrese, and Of Counsel to Dilworth IP, recently had an article published in The Intellectual Property Strategist entitled, “Even the Value of the Smallest Salable Unit Must Bes Apportioned.” In the article, Mr. Siegal discusses the Federal Circuit ruling in Finjan, Inc. v. Blue Coat.

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  6. Matthew Siegal of Dilworth IP Quoted in Law 360

    Posted on 22.02.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Patent Trends & Activity

    Matthew Siegal, a patent attorney with Dilworth IP’s affiliate firm, Dilworth & Barrese, and Of Counsel to Dilworth IP, was quoted in an article published by Law 360 entitled, “From NJ to Texas: How the Courts Fared at The Federal Circuit.” Mr. Siegel commented on the District of Delaware’s high affirmance rate with the Federal Circuit in patent cases, saying, “They’ve learned how to quote the standards and base their decision on alternate theories, some of which they know are less likely to be reversed.”

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  7. Dilworth IP’s David Puleo & Dr. Anthony Sabatelli Featured in the IP Litigator

    Posted on 11.01.18 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Patent Related Court Rulings, Recent News & Articles

    Dilworth IP’s David Puleo and Dr. Anthony Sabatelli recently had an article featured in the bi-monthly publication IP Litigator. Their article, entitled “UK Supreme Court Redefines Patent Infringement,” considers the United Kingdom Supreme Court decision in Actavis UK Limited and others v. Eli Lilly and Company, and the implications it has on defining patent infringement.

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  8. Dilworth IP Sponsors 2nd China Pharma IP Summit

    Posted on 20.12.17 Thomas Pia, on Announcements

    Dilworth IP was a proud sponsor of the 2nd Annual China Pharma Intellectual Property Summit. Dilworth IP’s Michael Dilworth, Anthony Sabatelli and Jing Zhou attended the event, which was held in Shanghai on December 7th and 8th. The summit is an opportunity for in-house counsel members from Chinese pharmaceutical companies to network with intellectual property attorneys from around the world. With laws concerning the pharmaceutical industry continuing to evolve in China, the summit becomes increasingly more important.

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  9. Dilworth IP Participates in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program

    Posted on 19.12.17 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Events

    Dilworth IP proudly participated in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program this Holiday Season. Every Year, the Salvation Army finds children who would otherwise not receive any gifts on Christmas morning, and matches them to donors who are provided with tags that have an individual child’s wish list on them. The donor then returns the tag to the Salvation Army with the gifts they purchased. Ann Marie Poremba, Head of Dilworth IP’s Culture and Community Committee coordinated the Firm’s participation with the Salvation Army’s Major Kathi Longcoy. “I am very proud of our team’s participation in the Angel Tree Program; we had an outpouring of gifts coming in everyday;” Michael Dilworth, Founder and Managing Partner at Dilworth IP said, “it is important to me, and to our culture here, to support those who are less fortunate than we are, especially during the Holiday Season.”

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  10. Upcoming Free Webinar: The Pros and Cons of Trade Secrets & Patent Protection

    Posted on 14.11.17 Thomas Pia, on Announcements, Webinar

    William Reid, Partner at Dilworth IP, will be presenting a free webinar on Wednesday, December 13th at 1:00 PM EDT entitled, “Should You Keep It Secret? The Pros and Cons of Trade Secrets and Patent Protection.” You know that protecting your intellectual property is important. A strong IP portfolio is essential to insure economic advantages over your competitors – but what type of protection should you pursue? Patents are well recognized, but in many instances, protection can be limited…or even unavailable. Other times, you may not want to publicly disclose your invention in a patent application. Trade Secret protection – while potentially much more applicable to your business needs than patents – is also more fragile; and has completely different rules of the road in terms of stewardship.

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